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Public Safety Testing Information

IO Solutions offers public safety testing solutions for both agencies and applicants in the following areas: law enforcement, fire service, corrections and dispatch. IO Solutions offers several tests, test preparation materials, job applications and listings as well as other hiring services.



For Agencies:

IOS creates and administers assessments, applications, interviews, and more. Industrial/Organizational Solutions also provides recommendations based on the results of any tests, applications or interviews that IOS administers. Utilize IO Solutions expertise and tools to simplify your selection process and ensure that you find the right candidate the first time.

For Applicants:

IOS provides test study materials to applicants that are getting ready to take a public safety exam. Most of the these assessments were created by IOS, making our study materials the most effective.  IO Solutions also offers applicants the opportunity to search jobs, find open job applications and apply for jobs. In addition, IO Solutions provides information about different public safety jobs to candidates who are still undecided if they would like to pursue a public safety career or which sector is the best fit.

Available Exams for Public Safety Testing

IOS offers the following tests to help public safety agencies find the right candidates to protect their community. We can also customize exams for your specific needs. If you are a candidate getting ready to take one of these exams, we offer study guides to help you.

Custom Exams

If you are a public safety agency that would like an assessment customized to help you find the right candidates, IOS can help. IO Solutions maintains a large staff of specialists and analysts with advanced degrees in industrial/organizational psychology, as well as writers who specialize in developing public safety tests. This combination of talent allows IOS to provide agencies with extremely effective exams for the public safety industry.

Available Study Guides for Public Safety Tests

These public safety test preparation materials are available for agencies to purchase for applicants and for applicants to purchase on their own.

Job Application & Listing Services

Agencies Searching for Hiring Help

IOS gives police and fire departments the ability to list their open positions through our job application service. Here is a list of ways that IO Solutions can help your agency with finding candidates:

  • Work with your department to determine the minimum job requirements. 

Create an advertisement for the position.
  • Customize the application for your department’s needs.
  • Collect all required documents and screen them for eligibility requirements.
  • Invite eligible candidates to participate in testing.
  • Communicate with participants about eligibility and results.
  • Provide tools such as exams, PAT tests, and structured oral interviews.
  • Notify the department about final results and assist in recommending applicants.
  • Schedule polygraph screening and handle psychological evaluation of recommended applicants.

Candidates Searching for Job Opportunities

If you are interested in a career in public safety, subscribe to our database of jobs. It is continually updated to provide you a list of the latest employment opportunities available nationwide. Subscribe today by clicking below.

Other Public Safety Department Hiring Services

IO Solutions offers custom public safety testing and hiring services for law enforcement agencies. Contact an IOS representative to discuss your agency’s specific needs. Additional hiring solutions include:

  • Job Analysis
  • Executive Recruitment and Assessment
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Culture and Climate Surveys

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IO Solutions offers public safety testing solutions for both agencies and applicants in law enforcement, fire service, corrections and dispatch. IOS offers tests, test preparation materials, job applications and listings.