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IOS offers services and products to support individuals who are interested in a career as a dispatcher. Whether you are researching dispatcher job requirements, searching for dispatcher jobs, applying for a position or preparing for your dispatcher exam, IOS can help.

911 Dispatcher Jobs

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Frequently Asked Questions About 911 Dispatch Jobs

What are the education requirements for a job in 911 dispatch?

What are the education requirements for a job in 911 dispatch?

911 dispatcher jobs vary regarding educational requirements, but often simply require a high school education. Applicants will be required to pass a basic skills examination that assesses a variety of essential skills.

Where can I find a 911 dispatcher school?

Where can I find a 911 dispatcher school?

Applicants for dispatcher positions will receive specialized training after hire. Applicants who desire to improve their performance on entry-level exams should seek out exam preparation resources specific to the test being used by a particular agency. Learn more about IOS preparation materials for the 911 dispatch test.

Basic Duties of 911 Dispatchers

911 dispatcher jobs
There are many parts to a career as a dispatcher at an emergency response center. No matter which specialty a dispatcher serves in, they are critical in an emergency situation.

Dispatch duties can vary depending on the situation, but some basic components of this position include:

• Gathering and recording important information from callers to determine name, location, nature of emergency, and necessary response.
• Monitoring computer systems to determine and dispatch appropriate units that are available.
• Relaying necessary emergency information to appropriate sites, personnel, and agencies.
• Maintaining files, call records, and information relating to emergency calls and other highly sensitive materials.
• Interpreting and relaying directions to responders.
• Providing appropriate emergency medical instructions to callers.
• Passing required certification tests.

911 Dispatch jobs require skills such as:

• Excellent communication skills
• Ability to listen and comprehend information shared by others
• Ability to use logic and reasoning in recognizing solutions and conclusions to problems
• Maintaining files, call records, and information relating to emergency calls and other highly sensitive materials
• Ability to operate a variety of office machines

The dispatch duties at a response center can vary, but are best suited for people with good communication skills and the ability to work in stressful conditions. This position is a critical piece to successful responses in any emergency situation.


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