National Recruitment with Pearson VUE

Utilizing Pearson VUE test centers for IOS public safety exams.

Recruitment with
Pearson VUE

Attracting qualified applicants for fire and police positions has become more difficult. This has led many departments to expand their recruitment efforts into other states. IOS can seek out solutions to make the process of testing candidates in remote locations more manageable. IOS entry level exams can be administered in any state and on military bases throughout the world with Pearson VUE. We want to make you aware of a solution that will greatly simplify the process of testing your applicants regardless of where they are located.


Pearson Vue Testing Center

Computer-Based Testing: A Pearson VUE Partnership

IOS has partnered with Pearson VUE, the leader in computer-based testing technology, to deploy IOS’ entry level public safety examinations across its vast network of testing centers. Pearson VUE operates hundreds of company-owned testing centers in metropolitan locations throughout the country, as well as third-party locations and hundreds of test centers on US military installations worldwide. This partnership affords your agency the following advantages:

  • Accommodate out-of-state applicants: If you have out-of-state or non-local applicants, they no longer have to travel to your location. They can simply schedule a test administration at a center near them. This reduces the applicant’s travel-related expenses and increases the number of out-of-state applicants that your agency can easily access.
  • Accommodate military applicants: If you receive requests from active military personnel who wish to test but are currently deployed, you now have the ability to allow them to test at one of hundreds of testing centers on military installations, even on naval vessels.
  • Build a broad-reaching recruitment program: If you are having a difficult time attracting quality candidates in your region, you now have the means to test prospective candidates nationwide. There are many markets in the U.S. where starting a public safety career is very difficult because of heavy competition. Many applicants are willing to relocate. Being able to screen candidates efficiently, regardless of location, greatly increases your reach.
  • Move to a computer-based testing solution: If your agency desires to shift to a completely computer-based testing process, you are able to direct all candidates to test at Pearson VUE locations.

The process of testing at a Pearson VUE testing center is easy and secure. Applicants schedule their exam via the web at a time and location that is convenient for them. The exam is administered by employees who use advanced identity management tools to sign-in applicants and state-of-the-art facilities and monitoring equipment to ensure security.

IOS is invested in helping your agency recruit and hire the best applicants for critical public safety positions. We believe that affording you flexibility in administering exams in different geographic locations using computer-based technology is an important tool in this effort.

How It Works

  • Set-Up: IOS will set up an Agency’s Application or Testing Fee on our e-commerce website and coordinate with your testing center location.
  • Advertise: Agencies will direct their recruits to their posting on the IOS website and/or IOS can advertise to its network of interested applicants.
  • Register: Interested applicants will register online through an IOS portal and will be able to schedule a convenient time and location for their test. Candidates have hundreds of locations to choose from all over the country as well as military bases across the globe.
  • Testing: Applicants will test at a Pearson VUE testing center, administered and proctored by trained test proctors.
  • Results: IOS will provide your agency with certified testing results based on an established time frame or intervals.

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Applicant Information for IOS’ REACH Program with Pearson VUE

National Recruitment with Pearson VUE Registration Information

How To Register

To take a test, you must first have an account with us. If you are new to IOS and need to create an account with us, please click here. IOS’ REACH™ program through Pearson Testing Center is available only for participating client agencies. To register, add the REACH™ test registration service for a participating agency to your cart and proceed through the checkout process.

Once you have registered with IOS, you will receive an email notification from IOS detailing the steps that are required to schedule and take a test for a given agency in the REACH™ program.

If you don’t see your agency listed in the REACH program, feel free to contact them to let them know of your interest in IOS’ REACH program and nation-wide testing.

National Recruitment with Pearson VUE Requirements

Identification Requirements

  • All IDs required must be issued by the country in which the candidate is testing. If the candidate does not have the qualifying ID issued from the country they are testing in, a passport from their country of citizenship is required.
  • The first and last name that the candidate uses to register must exactly match the first and last name on the ID that is presented on test day.
  • The candidate is required to present one original (no photo copies), valid (unexpired) form of government issued ID that includes their name, photograph, and signature.
National Recruitment with Pearson VUE forms of ID

Acceptable Forms of ID

    • Passport
    • Driver’s License
    • Military ID (including spouse & dependents)
    • Identification card (national/state/province identity card)
    • Alien registration card (green card, permanent resident card, visa)
    • Government Issues: local language ID (not in Roman Characters) – accepted only if issued from the country the candidate is testing in.


  • Expired forms of ID are not acceptable; unless accompanied by valid renewal papers.
  • Any government issued ID missing a visible signature, or that has an embedded signature only, can be supplemented with an original (no photo copies), valid (unexpired) ID that has at least a name and signature.
  • Any candidate exceptions to the ID policy must be pre-approved by the Pearson VUE customer service center at least three business days before the scheduled exam appointment.
National Recruitment with Pearson VUE Scheduling Information

Scheduling Information

Approved applicants who are testing through Pearson VUE will receive an email from IOS detailing the steps they need to take in order to schedule their test. This email will include an applicant’s candidate ID, which is required to log into the Pearson VUE system to register. If you are an approved applicant and you either lost or did not receive this email, please contact IOS at, with “REACH Program Inquiry” as the subject.

Appointments made with Pearson VUE testing center may be made up to 24 hours in advance and exam slots are subject to authorizations from IOS and availability. Applicants wishing to reschedule or cancel an arranged exam appointment are required to provide more than 24 hours notice prior to the appointment time.

National Recruitment with Pearson VUE Fees

Associated Fees

There is a fee associated with taking a test through the IOS’ REACH™ program. This fee covers the cost of the computer-based test (CBT) and any associated fees for applying to the agency. As such, these fees differ from agency to agency. There are no hidden costs or extra fees, you will pay only the listed price to take a CBT in the REACH™ program for a participating agency.

National Recruitment with Pearson VUE Testing Policy

Testing Policy

On test day, you will need to bring a valid form of identification. Please read through all of the requirements to ensure that you supply proper identification.

Applicants who arrive without proper identification will be unable to test.

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IOS partners with Pearson Vue Testing Center which allows applicants the ability to take an IOS computer-based test at any center in the nation.