Public Safety Test Customization & Consulting

Public safety test customization and consulting services for public safety agencies

Public Safety Test
& Consulting

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The Consulting Division develops and validates custom-tailored assessments for public safety organizations. The Consulting Division provides public safety test services such as:

  • Custom Exams:
    • Entrance Exams
    • Job Knowledge Promotional Exams
  • Structured Oral Interviews and Structured Oral Assessments
  • Job Analysis
  • Assessment Centers
  • Physical Ability Test development and validation

IOS maintains a staff consisting of approximately 25 consultants, assessment specialists, and analysts with advanced degrees in industrial/organizational psychology who provide consulting services to public safety and private agencies nationwide. In addition to its talented team of consultants, IOS maintains a dedicated team of writers who specialize in the development of custom promotional job knowledge examinations for the law enforcement and fire service industries.

IOS’ staff is dedicated to IOS’ Mission – helping agencies find the right individuals to protect their communities by delivering custom solutions that focus on three important facets of selection: dimensions, diversity and defensibility. Our clients consistently remark that IOS has the most gifted consulting team in the public safety industry. IOS works hard to make sure this is always the case. Our consultants are at the top of the testing industry, and our principals remain involved in the day-to-day consulting work of the company. 


IOS can customize any public safety test to ensure that you find the best candidates for your agency. Contact us to learn how we can customize your exams.

Oral Interviews

IOS has developed a system that allows each agency to format their oral interviews to fit the agency’s needs. Interviews tailored to a specific agency help ensure the best candidate for the job is selected. 

Ability Tests

IOS specializes in the development of custom job-simulation physical ability public safety tests.


IOS offers Assessment Center services to best predict an applicant’s behavior.


Job analysis, the in-depth study of a given job to determine the duties and specific tasks that employees in that job would be expected to perform, is a fundamental tool for hiring.

Additional Public Safety Test Consulting Services provided by IOS:

  • Psychological and Personality Evaluations

  • Candidate Preparation Workshops

  • Academy Entrance Examinations

  • Data Analysis

  • Employee and Citizen Surveys

  • Expert Testimony

  • Performance Evaluation Systems

  • Recruitment, Staffing, Management and Organizational Studies

  • State EMT Certification Exams

  • Statewide Examination Programs

  • Validation Studies

  • Vocational Testing

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The Consulting Division at Industrial Organizational Solutions develops and validates custom-tailored assessments for public safety organizations.