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Job analysis services for public safety agencies.


Job analysis is the process of defining the essential tasks, knowledge areas, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) that are required to perform a particular job.This is an essential starting point for the design of any selection system. It establishes a foundation for proving the job-relatedness of a selection tool by defining the duties, responsibilities and tasks that a job incumbent engages in while on the job. Data collected from job incumbents allows researchers to conclude that certain responsibilities and duties are “job-related” and “essential” to successful performance of the target job. Defining the essential aspects of a job is a central component of providing evidence of the content validity of a selection process; therefore, a job analysis is necessary to demonstrate that a testing process is valid.

job analysis

A proper selection tool should be designed not only to measure tasks, but also to measure job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs). A job analysis identifies which KSAOs are necessary to successfully perform the required job tasks, duties and responsibilities. After determining which KSAOs are necessary for performing the various essential job duties, a selection tool can be developed that comprehensively measures the most important KSAOs.

IOS’ process typically follows three critical phases:

Phase One:

Sampling Plan

IOS develops a comprehensive sampling plan to ensure that the results of our job analysis will be accurate and considerate of the organization’s structure (e.g., ranks, divisions, etc.), unique demography (e.g., race, gender, tenure), locations of workers (e.g., workers physically dispersed across a city or state) and other important factors.

Phase Two:


IOS conducts preliminary interviews and on-site observations to collect information and data from which to build a robust questionnaire.

Phase Three:


IOS develops, distributes, and collects empirical data from a robust job analysis questionnaire. IOS has experience using multiple methods of delivery and collection of data based on clients’ needs; both online questionnaires and hard copy versions can be used.

Job Analysis Results

The results of a thorough job analysis study are typically useful for a minimum of 5-6 years. Depending on the stability of the job, they may be useful for longer. IOS recommends that job analysis results be reviewed by subject matter experts from time to time to ensure the results continue to accurately reflect the target job and that there are no substantial changes in job tasks.

Over the past 20 years, IOS has developed comprehensive taxonomies of job tasks and KSAOs as well as a meticulous methodology for determining which tasks and KSAOs are required for a position, and to what degree. IOS has successfully worked on job analysis projects ranging in size and scope from departments in small cities to large state-wide agencies. We have successfully defended our methodologies when working with the Department of Justice and have applied our methodologies for a variety of organizational purposes.

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Job analysis identifies qualities and attributes needed by individuals for specific jobs. The information gained is used to establish tests and assessments.