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IOS offers many firefighter services and products that support fire department hiring, promoting, and recruiting personnel.  Whether you are looking to identify well-rounded  fire service recruits through our entry level testing solutions or to promote firefighters from within your agency, IOS will help you find the right person for the job. 
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Firefighter Testing Services—Entry Level and Promotional Exams

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Entry Level
Firefighter Exams

IOS’ entry level exams are the best standard assessment option for fire departments hiring new recruits. These exams will help ensure you hire the right candidate the first time. IOS’ exams are designed to accurately predict a candidate’s likeliness of success in the field of firefighting. For a list of entry level firefighter testing options, please click the button below to be redirected to the IOS entry level exams page. 

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Firefighter Exams

Promotional exams are a great way to assess if a candidate is ready to advance in their firefighter position. IOS has identified key testing elements through a complete job analysis process. With the help of command-rank firefighter professionals and field experts, these elements are included in all of IOS’ firefighter promotional exams.  Candidates who pass these exams will be well-equipped to handle their new positions. 

Custom Entry Level Exams and Oral Interview Development

IOS has a wealth of experience designing custom entry level firefighter testing solutions for some of the largest cities in the country. While off-the-shelf exams are excellent options because they are backed by a wealth of research, your agency may desire a testing solution that is tailored to your specific needs. This could involve customizing entry level exams or developing and validating a tool from the ground up. Developing custom entry level exams is usually a time-consuming process that requires job analysis, test planning and design, construction, validation and technical documentation. Please contact us for more information.

Structured oral interviews are part of almost every firefighter entry level process. IOS is adept at designing scenario-based interviews that can be administered by your department. Fire departments hiring new candidates are encouraged to contact our team about customized firefighter testing support by clicking the button below. 

Customized Promotional
Exams, Interviews and Assessment Centers

The majority of IOS’ business is devoted to designing high-stakes, custom promotional exams and assessments. We develop over 200 job knowledge examinations and 150 assessment centers each year. We strongly believe that there is no other company that can match the quality of our assessments or the meticulous planning and execution of each process administered.

Our job knowledge examinations are written by a team of highly experienced technical writers who specialize in multiple-choice job knowledge exams. Our questions are job-related and we have an excellent track-record of success during civil service appeal/challenge processes.

Of all the services IOS provides, assessment centers are where we shine the most. Many consulting firms deliver assessments that are so rigidly mechanized and impersonal that they do not bear the hallmarks that make assessment centers highly valid and reliable. We take great care in ensuring that our exercises are realistic and are delivered in a format that maximizes their utility.

Physical Ability Test (PAT)

IOS designs job-simulation physical ability tests for fire departments hiring new candidates. The goal of a job-simulation test is to replicate the most physically demanding aspects of the job to ensure that applicants can perform these tasks in a minimally acceptable manner. To learn more about firefighter physical ability tests from IOS, click the button below to read detailed PAT testing information. 

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Computer-Based Testing: A Pearson Vue Partnership

IOS maintains a computer-based testing system that delivers our off-the-shelf exams. This system can also be used to deliver your agency’s custom examinations. The system is web-based and simply requires a dedicated Internet connection.

IOS also offers access to a national network of testing centers for agencies interested in a large-scale computer-based testing solution or in need of testing out-of-state applicants. IOS has partnered with Pearson VUE, the leader in computer-based testing technology, to deploy IOS’ entry-level public safety examinations across Pearson VUE’s vast network of testing centers. Pearson VUE operates hundreds of brick-and-mortar testing centers in metropolitan locations throughout the country, as well as third-party locations and hundreds of test centers on US military installations worldwide. This partnership affords your agency the following advantages:

  • Accommodate out-of-state applicants: If you have out-of-state or non-local applicants, they no longer have to travel to your location. They can simply schedule a test administration at a Pearson VUE center near them. This reduces the applicant’s travel-related expenses and increases the number of the out-of-state applicants that your agency can easily access.
  • Accommodate military applicants: If you receive requests from active military personnel who wish to test but are currently deployed, you now have the ability to allow them to test at one of the hundreds of testing centers on military installations, even on naval vessels.
  • Build a broad-reaching recruitment program: If you are having a difficult time attracting quality candidates in your region, you now have the means to test prospective candidates nationwide. There are many markets in the U.S. where starting a firefighter career is very difficult because of heavy competition. Many applicants are willing to relocate. Being able to screen candidates efficiently regardless of location greatly increases your reach.
  • Move to a computer-based testing solution: If your department desires to shift to a completely computer-based testing process, you are able to direct all candidates to test at Pearson VUE locations.

The process of testing at a Pearson VUE center is easy and secure. Applicants schedule their exam via the web at a time and location that is convenient for them. The exam is administered by Pearson VUE employees who use advanced biometrics to sign-in applicants and state-of-the-art facilities and monitoring equipment to ensure security.

Job Application Services

Fire Department Job Postings

IOS provides numerous resources that can help you find the best candidates for your agency’s open position. Posting your open position to our Fire Job Board is a great way to begin the hiring process. Thousands of job-seekers around the country visit our job boards and use our recruitment services, thereby maximizing your exposure to an applicant pool seeking work in the fire service. Use the button below to contact an IOS representative and learn more about job posting and fire department hiring solutions.

Application Hosting Services

IOS offers a full range of services to make the process of advertising, accepting job applications and testing applicants simple. IOS has been managing agency application processes for nearly 20 years. IOS will host your job application and act as your proxy to answer applicant questions, accept and screen applications and invite applicants to the examination process. We can also administer the exam, score and notify candidates of outcomes.

Other Fire Department Hiring Services

IOS offers custom fire service testing and hiring services. Contact an IOS representative to discuss your agency’s specific needs. Additional fire department hiring solutions include:

  • Executive Recruitment and Assessment
    IOS has recruited and evaluated public safety executives for some of the largest cities in the nation. IOS is able to assist you in developing a profile/archetype for your position, designing an advertising and recruiting plan, managing recruitment, vetting candidate qualifications, conducting local meet-and-greet sessions, assessing candidates and providing recommendations to stakeholders.
  • Organizational Analysis
    As experienced researchers, IOS consultants can assist you in reviewing your agency’s entire selection system. Whether it is your agency’s policies, training practices, cultural sensitivity awareness, or recruitment and retention efforts, we will help you identify your needs/deficiencies and work with you to develop strategies for addressing them.
  • Culture and Climate Surveys
    IOS specializes in survey development, implementation and analysis. We can help you measure and identify your organization’s current culture and climate. By assessing your personnel’s shared opinions about your organization, your agency gains insight into the current climate and overall culture of the organization. Such assessment allows leadership to be proactive in addressing underlying issues, which leads to a safer and healthier workplace and a more effective agency overall.

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