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IOS is dedicated to designing and administering high-stakes, custom promotional exams and assessment centers for our clients.  In order to effectively implement assessment centers for our clients, we rely on public safety personnel from outside agencies to help evaluate candidates’ knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Assessors play a key role in the administration of an assessment center by:

  • Administering assessment exercises to candidates (e.g., reading interview questions, keeping track of candidates’ response time, etc.),
  • Ensuring all candidates are processed through the assessment process fairly, and
  • Evaluating and rating candidates’ responses to assessment exercises and providing feedback to aid in their future development.

Aside from assisting agencies with the selection of their future leaders, assessors have the opportunity to network with other public safety professionals from agencies all over the country and to build connections with these individuals and their departments.

While some agencies and assessment centers have specific criteria for assessor qualifications, generally we are looking for individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Must be in a supervisory or managerial position within their department
  • Must be in good standing with their department
  • Able to express ideas clearly and succinctly, both verbally and in writing
  • Willing to work in small groups to evaluate candidates on their responses to the assessment content
  • Possess strong attention to detail

In addition to meeting the requirements above, IOS strives to staff our assessment centers with as much diversity in assessor groups as possible.

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