How to Buy IOS Exams

How to order public safety exams through IOS.

How to Buy
IOS Exams

There are a few easy steps agencies will need to follow to order IOS exams. Please read through the outlined process below to begin placing an order.

Step One: How to Choose an Exam

Whether you are looking to identify well-rounded candidates through entry-level testing or to promote employees within your agency, IOS has a product that can help you find the right person for the job.


Not sure which product will best meet your needs? Contact us to start a conversation about how we can help you find the right personnel to protect your community.


Step Two: Contact IOS via Phone (888-784-1290) or email (or****@io*********.com)

After discussing your agency’s needs and determining which product will be most useful, you will be asked to sign a Test Security Agreement (TSA). The TSA is an agreement made between IOS and an agency to preserve the confidentiality, security and copyright of exam materials and to ensure their proper handling and implementation according to professional guidelines.
After signing the TSA, agencies are able to order exams.


Step Three: Place an Order

Examinations must be ordered by contacting IOS directly, either via phone (888-784-1290) or email (or****@io*********.com). IOS recommends ordering exams one and a half to two weeks before the scheduled test date. When placing an order, the purchaser must supply the following information:


  1. The name of the examination to be ordered;
  2. The number of examinations needed; and
  3. The date the examination will be administered.

When an order has been fulfilled and prepared for shipping, the purchaser will receive a confirmation email containing order information and the shipment’s tracking number.

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How to Buy IOS Exams
Article Name
How to Buy IOS Exams
IO Solutions exam ordering guide lays out the steps to the ordering, scoring, and invoicing process for all IO Solutions examinations.