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IOS’ Recruitment Division is an all-in-one resource that works with over 150 agencies, managing their selection processes from start to finish. From advertising to the job offer, we are involved with our clients every step of the way.

Assessment centers are the gold standard in personnel selection, but they only achieve the high level of validity they are known for when they are characterized by a high degree of fidelity and complexity. IOS is adept at designing assessment centers to achieve this goal. We use video and digital simulations in many of our assessment centers. We also use computer tablets and video recording devices to increase standardization and efficiency. The hallmark of an IOS assessment center is its extreme level of efficiency and problem-free administration.

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An Outline of IOS Recruitment, Application and Testing Services

  • We work closely with your agency to define your open position’s minimum job requirements, develop a job advertisement and attract qualified applicants.
  • We customize the job application to suit your needs and collect the documents that are necessary to prove eligibility for your agency.
  • We screen documents for eligibility requirements and invite eligible candidates to participate in the testing process.
  • We communicate with your candidates, advising them of their eligibility and informing them of results/outcomes.
  • We provide selection tools including entrance examinations, physical ability tests and structured oral interviews. If requested, we also oversee the administration of these tools.
  • We provide you with a final list of results, helping you identify the most qualified applicants.
  • We schedule polygraph screening and conduct psychological evaluations of applicants.

Online Application System

Our online employment application system is one of the many advantages to using IOS’ recruitment services for your hiring process. While the benefits of putting your application online are many, one of the biggest advantages is that it allows greater ease of access for candidates. Candidates are able to simply log on and fill out an application wherever they have access to the internet; this simplicity will greatly increase your pool of applicants.

IOS Selection Tools

Our exams distinguish us from other public safety testing firms. Our exams are designed to achieve the highest validity levels while enabling agencies to reach some of the most elusive goals of modern recruitment: increasing diversity and minimizing failure rates during background screening. Our exams have been selected for use after rigorous evaluation and validation by some of the largest and most demanding agencies in the country.

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Recruitment, Application and Testing Services
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Recruitment, Application and Testing Services
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IOS’ Recruitment Division is an all-in-one resource, from advertising to the job offer, we are involved with our clients every step of the way.