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What We Do

IOS takes great pride in the fact that we help fire service and law enforcement agencies identify the individuals who “protect and serve.” Specifically, we do this by designing state-of-the-art tools that assist agencies with public safety recruitment services, allowing them to make sound decisions regarding who they will hire and promote.

IOS works with agencies for public safety recruitment in three primary ways:

consulting services


Our Consulting Division designs exams and assessments for agencies that require customized solutions. We design entry-level tests, job knowledge exams, assessment centers and physical ability tests. Also, we conduct job and organizational analysis studies to support the implementation of testing programs.


The Testing Services Division designs, publishes and supports entry-level and promotional public safety job examinations that can be used by any public safety agency. These solutions are cost-effective and ready to be used. IOS maintains a large inventory of examinations and study/preparation materials.


Our Recruitment Division is able to manage your entry-level public safety jobs hiring process by posting and accepting job applications, screening applications, communicating with applicants, testing applicants and establishing eligibility lists.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find the individuals who will protect your community. We accomplish this by focusing on three important facets of selection:


There are a number of dimensions that contribute to success in public safety jobs. Our goal is to measure these dimensions in order to predict who is most likely to succeed. Specifically, IOS’ approach to what dimensions we measure and how we measure them leads to valid decision-making.


The best public safety department will reflect the diversity of its community. A large part of that diversity is reflective of individuals’ cultural, racial and gender identities. IOS believes that developing tools that promote cultural, racial and gender diversity is one of the most important facets of our job.


Hiring and promotional decisions are only good to the degree they can be defended. Few companies can rival IOS’ experience working with public safety agencies in highly litigious situations. IOS’ consultants regularly work with the Department of Justice and the courts. Our work has also withstood the scrutiny of the US Supreme Court.

Our Values

We are passionate about providing you with tools to find and promote the best employees.  IOS utilizes cutting-edge technology and methodology in our exams and assessments to provide you with fair and valid testing systems. Additionaly, not only are we dedicated to the science and technology of assessment, but we also pride ourselves on being client-focused.

This focus is evident in our approach to managing projects:

We provide competent consultants

Our consultants are the best in the business. IOS staff holds advanced degrees in industrial-organizational psychology and understands and applies the intricacies of personnel selection and psychometrics on a daily basis. Beyond being highly competent, our consultants are seasoned project managers and all-around pleasant people. We believe that you should be overwhelmed by the intelligence, professionalism and interpersonal skills of your consultant.

We educate our clients


IOS practices a highly specialized trade. We feel that part of working with us is learning about why we do things the way we do them and what the benefits are to your agency.  We want to work side-by-side with your stakeholders to explain best practices, anticipate challenges and dispel misconceptions. Among the most challenging topics we frequently educate our clients about is how to promote racial/cultural diversity in outcomes.

 We seek to improve client practices

Any good consultant strives to improve any system with which he/she comes in contact. We will evaluate your selection system and make suggestions for future improvements. Although we realize that change cannot always happen immediately, we are dedicated to working with you to improve your systems over time.

We develop long-standing relationships

It’s a simple philosophy, work is better when you like the people you work with. We thrive on close relationships with our clients. Additionally, there is nothing more fulfilling than working with a client for numerous years and knowing that they are fully satisfied with our services. We invite you to contact our clients and ask them about us!

Our Principal Team
Chad Legel, CEO

Mr. Legel is a well-respected authority in the field of public safety testing. Mr. Legel holds a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. He has designed assessments for numerous agencies, including Baltimore PD, Denver FD, Houston FD, Illinois State Police, Massachusetts State Police, Minneapolis PD, Missouri Highway Patrol, Providence FD, and San Antonio PD. He delivers presentations and training for numerous professional organizations including the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA), National Public Employers Labor Relations Association (NPELRA), and Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Mr. Legel also developed and deployed the assessment for New Haven, CT that withstood the scrutiny of the US Supreme Court in Ricci v. De Stefano.

Brian O’Sullivan, Vice President, Consulting

Mr. O’Sullivan is among the most talented and experienced experts in the area of public safety assessment centers. Mr. O’Sullivan holds a master’s degree (ABD) in industrial/organizational psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. He has designed promotional assessment centers for the most notable public safety agencies in the nation, including Atlanta PD, Buffalo PD, Chicago PD, Houston PD, Miami PD, San Diego PD, San Francisco PD, and Washington DC Fire Rescue. Mr. O’Sullivan works in many of the most litigious environments in the country and frequently works alongside the US Department of Justice to design testing processes that comply with various legal requirements.

Mark Tawney, Vice President, Testing Services

Dr. Tawney is a gifted test designer and psychometrician. Dr. Tawney holds a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology from Illinois Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in experimental psychology from DePaul University. He has developed and maintains numerous entry level examinations that are used by some of the largest public safety agencies in the country. He delivers consulting services to agencies such as Chicago PD and FD, Houston FD, Miami FD, New York Department of Civil Service, Pennsylvania State Police and Pittsburgh FD. Dr. Tawney also regularly works with the US Department of Justice to design testing solutions for prominent public safety agencies that maximize validity while minimizing disparate impact.

Our Background

IOS works with many of the most recognized public safety agencies in the most challenging testing environments. In the past decade, IOS has provided consulting services for six of the 10 largest cities in the country and consistently works with approximately 30 of the 50 largest cities in the US. IOS is well-respected for its commitment to best practices and its ability to design testing processes that withstand the highest levels of legal scrutiny.

IOS has developed its reputation for excellence by delivering high-quality assessments in the most litigious environments. We leverage that expertise to find solutions for the hiring and promoting challenges that face all agencies in the nation. We strive to help you hire and promote the best and most diverse public safety workforce.

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About the Gears
People wonder about the IOS logo, so a brief history of its evolution is in order. Since testing is governed by the field of industrial psychology, we chose a logo that bears a distinctly industrial feel—gears. Gears are quintessential industrial icons and they are a recognized symbol for mental processes—a large part of what IOS seeks to analyze through tests and assessments. Gears are also a recognizable part of mechanical reasoning tests—a well-used form of cognitive ability testing. Finally, the four gears represent IOS’ four core values: developing excellent talent, educating our clients, improving testing systems, and developing long-term relationships.
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The following catalog of IOS white papers is authored by IOS' Consulting and R&D teams. Each paper was written as an educational piece to share IOS expertise. Please use these papers as a means to better understand these various topics, as well as to gain insights on IOS' positions/methods/policies regarding these important issues.


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