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Custom Entry
Level Exams

IOS specializes in the development of custom, standardized tests for public safety positions. Our exams typically fall into two categories: promotional exams or entry-level exams. Promotional exams typically assess job knowledge or situational judgment. Entry-level exams typically assess basic cognitive abilities, personality traits, integrity, biographical data or situational judgment. IOS’ goal in the design of each examination is to achieve a high degree of validity (the test’s ability to predict successful job performance) as well as a low level of disparity (differences in performance between racial and gender subgroups). Disparity between racial and gender subgroups is a common outcome in standardized testing and IOS takes numerous steps to mitigate this disparity.

Custom Entry Level and Promotional Exams

IOS develops approximately 200 custom promotional examinations each year. These are generally 100-question, multiple-choice exams that measure job knowledge from critical public safety training texts, policy manuals and compiled statutes. IOS is well-regarded for the relevant content of our examinations. IOS generally designs promotional examinations based on the input of local subject matter experts. In addition to designing and administering these exams, IOS responds to candidate challenges/appeals to ensure the transparency and accuracy of each exam.

IOS is one of very few firms in the nation that is capable of developing entry-level cognitive and non-cognitive measures. The design and construction of these exams requires many years of experience and the guidance of industrial/organizational psychologists who specialize in personnel selection, psychometrics and legal issues.

Additional Public Safety Test Consulting Services provided by IOS:

  • Psychological and Personality Evaluations

  • Candidate Preparation Workshops

  • Academy Entrance Examinations

  • Data Analysis

  • Employee and Citizen Surveys

  • Expert Testimony

  • Performance Evaluation Systems

  • Recruitment, Staffing, Management and Organizational Studies

  • State EMT Certification Exams

  • Statewide Examination Programs

  • Validation Studies

  • Vocational Testing

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Custom Exams
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Custom exams are great selection tools. Exams are usually the first and most important part of the candidate selection process for public safety agencies.