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IOS is best known for our proficiency in the design and deployment of promotional assessment centers. Our public safety testing centers are highly job-related and incorporate a variety of managerial role-plays, tactical role-plays, presentations, group meetings, and in-basket exercises to assess a wide-range of skills in a highly job-related and accurate manner.

Assessment centers are the gold standard in personnel selection, but they only achieve the high level of validity they are known for when they are characterized by a high degree of fidelity and complexity. IOS is adept at designing public safety exam centers to achieve this goal. We use video and digital simulations in many of our assessment centers. We also use computer tablets and video recording devices to increase standardization and efficiency. The hallmark of an IOS testing center is its extreme level of efficiency and problem-free administration.

assessment centers

IOS Assessment Centers

Common assessment exercises include:

  • one-on-one role-plays
  • group presentations
  • tactical simulations
  • in-basket/inbox simulations
  • written problem-solving exercises

The assessment center process can also be used for developmental purposes. Results of the test can help an individual candidate improve their performance in a specific area. Candidates tend to feel that assessment centers are a fair way to determine if they should be promoted.

Experts have developed IO Solutions assessments, resulting in more accurate testing. IOS assessors have industry-specific experience that helps them determine each candidate’s success on the job.

Additional Public Safety Test Consulting Services provided by IOS:

  • Psychological and Personality Evaluations

  • Candidate Preparation Workshops

  • Academy Entrance Examinations

  • Data Analysis

  • Employee and Citizen Surveys

  • Expert Testimony

  • Performance Evaluation Systems

  • Recruitment, Staffing, Management and Organizational Studies

  • State EMT Certification Exams

  • Statewide Examination Programs

  • Validation Studies

  • Vocational Testing

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Assessment Services for Public Service Agencies
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IO assessment centers are the most thorough way to determine the best candidate for a job through job simulations and exercises.