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Fire Officer Essentials Exam Highlights:

Fire Officer Essentials Promotional Examinations

The Fire Officer Essentials promotional examinations for Company Officer I, Company Officer II, and Chief Officer were developed specifically for fire agencies to determine the extent to which candidates possess the necessary job knowledge required for success as fire service supervisors. The exams were developed based on job analysis data collected from fire departments across the nation. The job analysis results provided the empirical data for determining the relevant knowledge areas that are evaluated by the Fire Officer Essentials examinations. Whether you use one of our stock examinations or work with IOS to generate a semi-custom examination, IOS’ Fire Officer Essentials examinations will provide an optimal solution for promoting individuals within your agency. 

Exam Features:

  • Length: 100 questions
  • Administration Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes, plus 15 minutes for instructions
  • Appropriate for Testing the Following Ranks:
    • Company Officer I:  First line service supervisor positions, specifically the lieutenant rank
    • Company Officer II: Mid-level agency supervisors, specifically the rank of captain
    • Chief Officer: Upper command positions, specifically the rank of battalion chief
  • Publishing Schedule: A new version is published annually to reflect updated editions of reference materials
  • Free Local Validation: You are strongly encouraged to complete a Local Validation Survey to support your department’s use of the exam. IOS will assist you in ensuring that the use of the examination is valid for your agency.
  • Free Cut-Score Analysis: You are strongly encouraged to complete an Item Review Survey to establish a local cut-score for the examination.
Measurement Domains:
  • EMS Operations
  • Tactical Operations
  • Building Construction
  • Tools, Equipment, and Apparatus
  • Supervisory Principles
  • Incident Management Procedures
Semi-Custom Exam Option: 
Using the stock version of one of the Fire Officer Essentials examinations as a base, IOS is able to remove or replace items to tailor the examination to your agency’s specific needs.

To establish the evidence needed to modify the examination’s parameters, you will be asked to complete two surveys– one will involve rating specific knowledge areas and topic areas with relation to the target position within your agency, while the other will involve rating the relevance and appropriateness of the exam items selected for your department. You will also provide ratings of item difficulty in order to determine a cut-score for the examination.

IOS will analyze your survey results and generate a version of the examination that is tailored to the specifications of the target job within your agency.*

*The semi-custom exam option does not include custom item-writing. If you are interested in an examination including items written from departmental or other source materials, please contact IOS’ consulting division.


Stock Fire Officer Exam Features: 
  • Per exam usage fee
  • Ability to drop irrelevant knowledge areas (e.g. EMS Operations) from exam (this service will result in an exam with less than 100 items)
  • Free local validation available
  • Free cut-score analysis available
Semi-Custom Fire Officer Exam Features: 
  • Per exam usage fee plus one-time customization fee
  • Ability to drop irrelevant knowledge areas, sub-dimensions, or topic areas from exam
  • Ability to replace dropped items with items from our item bank
  • Custom scoring
  • Custom booklet printing
  • Custom technical reporting for your agency


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