Firefighter Driver/Engineer Examination




Exam Highlights:

Firefighter Driver/Engineer Examination
The Firefighter Driver/Engineer Exam (FDEPE) is designed to measure the candidate’s knowledge of equipment use, pump and ladder operations, and general fire ground tactics. The FDEPE is distinct from traditional job-knowledge tests in that it is based primarily on situational scenarios rather than just testing memorization skills. The FDEPE produces results that will save time and resources by finding the candidate that is knowledgeable and prepared for promotional opportunities.

Exam Features:

  • Format: Online and paper formats
  • Length: Total of 60 questions
  • Administration Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Results Received: 24-48 hours of receiving candidate answer sheet
Key Points:
  • Specifically tailored for proper position assessment
  • Equips candidate for new position
  • Tests for critical knowledge required for driver/engineer job

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Firefighter Driver/Engineer Examination