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    NCJOSI2 Interactive Online Practice Test

    NCJOSI2 Interactive Online Practice Test

    The NCJOSI2 Practice Test contains 30 questions that are designed to provide insight as to how you will perform on the cognitive (i.e. reading, writing, math, etc.) portion of the NCJOSI2.

    Key features:
    30 practice items
    Automatic scoring of your exam with breakdown of performance per dimension
    Review correct answers and retake those you answered incorrectly
    Time limit simulates actual exam conditions

    NCJOSI2 Standard Study Guide – Hard Copy

    NCJOSI2 Standard Study Guide – Hard Copy

    The NCJOSI2 Standard Study Guide contains critical information about the NCJOSI2 that will allow you to prepare for the test-taking experience, hone your cognitive skills, minimize test-related anxiety and ultimately perform at your peak level.


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