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Wheaton Police Department

Police Officer Job Application

Application Deadline: Monday, December 27, 2021 at 4:00 PM

About Wheaton Police Department:

The Wheaton Police Department is comprised of 67 sworn officers providing police services to the community. The officers strive to ensure the safety of life and property while adhering to the highest principles and values of our profession. Our motto remains “to protect and to serve the 53,000 residents of this dynamic community.”

Benefit Package:

The City of Wheaton offers full-time police officers an outstanding benefit package that includes medical plans, dental, and life insurance. Additional benefits include paid vacation days and special pays which include special duty payments, deferred compensation plans, flexible spending account, and the Police Pension Fund.

Starting Salary: As of May 1, 2021- $70,766

Vacation: Vacation = 10 days/year 1st 4 years; 15 days/year 5th year + 1 day additional, each year thereafter up to 25 days/year max.

Holiday Pay: Received in November of each year = 10 holidays.

Uniform: $650 annually after original uniforms are issued + $325 annually toward uniform cleaning.

Dental Insurance Program: Delta Dental Insurance – PPO and HMO Plan Options.

Health Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance – PPO and HMO Plan Options

Life Insurance: $50,000

Opportunities for Career Advancement: 

In addition to operating in a full-time designated capacity, the Wheaton Police Department identifies qualified officers for the following specialized assignments:

Juvenile Officer

Field Training Officer

Evidence Technician

Accident Investigator

Crisis Intervention Team

Bicycle Patrol

Training Cadre

Honor Guard

Warrant Team

Fitness Trainer

Range Master

DuCart (DuPage County Accident Reconstruction Team)

Recruitment Team

MERIT (Metropolitan Emergency Response & Investigation Team)

NARCINT (Drug Task Force)

School Liaison Officer

Traffic Unit

Cell Phone Forensic Examiner

Community Relations and Training Officer

DuPage County SWAT Team

Weapons of Mass Destruction Team

Minimum Requirements:

$30 non-refundable application fee

U.S. citizenship

Applicant must have a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college/university by date of hire

o Current students with anticipated graduation in December 2021 or 2022 are eligible to participate in the testing process but must have attained a bachelor’s degree by date of appointment. These applicants have until the application deadline to submit a letter from the registrar on school letterhead, or equivalent document, stating that they have or are on track to successfully complete their bachelor’s degree

Possess a valid driver’s license, which will be used for identification at all phases of testing

Be at least 20 years of age and under 35 at time of application deadline, unless exempt by state statute

Must have corrected vision to 20/20

If a veteran of the military or currently serving, include a copy of your DD-214

If applicable, please include your POWER test card if issued between 12/27/2020- 12/27/2021. If you do not possess a POWER Card at time of application deadline, you must complete the POWER test held on Sunday, January 23, 2022 held by Wheaton PD

Required documentation due Monday, December 27, 2021 by 4:00 p.m. (not accepted via email or fax; documentation must be hand delivered or mailed)

Confirmed Online Application (available after purchase)

Character Reference Forms (pages 1-3; available after purchase)

Authorization & Release Forms (pages 4-8; available after purchase)

Copy of valid driver’s license

Copy of birth record as proof of citizenship – can include: U.S. County/State birth certificate, U.S. Passport, or Naturalization papers

Original/Official transcripts indicating attainment of Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university or a letter from the registrar on school letterhead, or equivalent document, stating that they have or are on track to successfully complete their bachelor’s degree

Copy of POWER card if issued between 12/27/2020- 12/27/2021

Copy of DD-214 (if applicable)

Physical Ability Test and Exam Information:

The Wheaton Police Department will be offering in home testing to all eligible candidates the week of January 31st. Your exam will be offered electronically, and you will take the exam in your own home. There will be multiple sessions offered and each will be proctored virtually. All sessions will be offered during business hours the week of January 31, 2022 – it is your responsibility to ensure you have the flexibility to test during these times.

In mid-January you will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule and prepare for the exam. Please read through the instructions carefully before your exam date. Failure to follow the steps outlined may cause the electronic exam to not work properly, potentially resulting in your removal from the testing session.

Physical Ability Test: POWER test cards are considered valid if issued within twelve (12) months PRIOR to the application deadline (12/27/2020- 12/27/2021). If you do not possess a valid POWER Card by the application deadline, you must successfully complete the POWER test prior to the At Home Virtual Examination that will be administered by the Wheaton PD. If you do not have a valid POWER card, you must attend the physical ability test on Sunday, January 23, 2022. Exact details will be provided to those eligible to attend.

Application Process Information:

When you have completed the online application you will receive a confirmation number. You will also need to print and sign the required release forms and gather the required documentation (listed above) for submission to IOS Recruitment by 4:00 p.m. on 12/27/2021. Failure to complete any portion of the application process with eliminate you for further consideration. 

No refunds are issued for incomplete or late applications!


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